8x10bRod learned construction literally from the ground up. Working with his father, Charles Shreckengost, he built churches in Southern Oregon, constructing the buildings from the foundation to the roof and doing all the work in between.

Rod originally came to California in 1983 to pastor a small church in North Edwards, CA. Then, in 1987 he took on work as a carpenter for Intertex General Contractors to help augment his ministry income. Rod worked on projects ranging from military bases _to room additions and a few short years later became the company’s first General Superintendent and then became a partner. Within five years of joining the company, Rod went from being a carpenter to becoming a partner and Vice President of Field Operations.

Rod was instrumental in the growth of Intertex and was primarily responsible for the development of the field operations systems such as reporting, communications, scheduling, contracting, controlling documents and standard operational procedures for the field staff. Rod served as the Safety Director concurrently with his role as VP of Field Operations and recorded three consecutive years without a single reportable accident just before leaving the company. Rod was key to bringing technology to the company and the field operations moving the staff from pagers and fax machines in the early days to fully integrated computer systems and smartphones.

During his time at Intertex, Rod was responsible for overseeing $236,000,000.00 in completed projects. The projects ranged from small tenant improvements to large retail centers and multi-story buildings. In the early days, the type of projects was largely public works projects and the client list included the Army Corp of Engineers, the US Navy, the US Air Force and NASA. Intertex completed quite a number of public school projects from the San Mateo USD to the Los Angeles USD. In the later years, Intertex did more private work and concentrated on development projects like the Bridgeport Marketplace.

In 2009, Rod founded his own business in order to make his construction knowledge and experience available as a consultant. What makes Rod’s management and leadership abilities unique is that it comes from having learned the ins and outs of construction from his father starting at an early age and having been taught well by a man with incredible drive, wonderful skills and inscrutable character. That background has made Rod who he is today and it’s what makes him someone you can trust to get your job done no matter how big or how small.

Rod has been married since 1976 to his lovely wife Ann. They have two wonderful children, Geoffry (married to a rocket scientists,  Belinda) and Amanda (married to a brainiac, Chris). Chris and Amanda have a grandson named Luke William Canfield who was born on 10/10/10 at 10:10 am and a beautiful granddaughter named Olivia Grace Canfield born on 12/11/13. Rod enjoys music, acting and serving at his local church.

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